Blessed by everyday blessings

these are a few of my favorite things

~smiling faces~

~hugs and kisses from grandchildren
and hearing the name Nanny from far away places~

~mostly old sometimes new~

~quilts with love stitched through and through

~Babies and butterflys and all things created~

~To know you are loved makes life sweet with grace traces ~


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Red White And Blue Denim Debut

"Sleeping Under The Stars" 
 Denim Charity Quilt

The top was finished in 2010

Then life took a stroll through many various trails
 of living with a family,
This treasure got folded up
 and laid in a pile somewhere in my sewing room.
  It was enough that the top was complete.
My attention deficit kicked in
and other FUN projects were started,
and in the very back of my mind I knew
 I wanted to tackle quilting this myself .
That took more than an ounce of motivation
 to push the start button and get started.

This is the second quilt that I have quilted
on my little sewing machine.
I am gaining in knowledge ....
 It is not perfection by any means
but perfection is far down the list of what makes a quilt loveable.


And now I am going to overload you with pictures
of all of the
denim glory of this finished quilt.

It is a mixture of Denim, cotton, and flannel.
The back is flannel
It does have batting inside.

This quilt started with
The four corner blocks which were orphan blocks
that  needed a home where they could be loved.
My quilt guild sent them home with me and I was told to
"do something with them"
It was a challenge to make myself work with fabric
that I thought was a bit on the "ugly" side.
BUT now
When I look at the whole thing

so here is my baby creation.......

perle cotton stars

blanket stitching around this appliqued square

appliqued stars and a true blue pocket

  anyone remember "MUDD" jeans?

Tied with perle cotton  for a touch of country charm
and a BOO BOO. 
 I marked the cotton blocks with a lead pencil
and then decided I did not want to quilt circles
 in those corner blocks.
The lead pencil  did not wash out  the best.

The fabric color is now faded  in those squares
from scrubbing ....


Cross hatching here
 just because one or two blocks might be a nice touch
and not make me crazy.

Here is one of the "ugly" corner blocks
  now beautified with the added stars.
(I love the skinny bars quilting in the border.)

Quilted stars matches the star blocks on the back.

Back of the quilt

Does anyone in america not love stars and stripes together?

loving .....loving......loving.....
 wondering how am i going to give this away????

stars and stripes

pretending it can stay here....

I hope it is loved where ever it finds a home.

I think any child would love it.

I love it.....
and i am making another one for me
(and my grandchildren). 

This quilt does not have a pattern  it was designed by me.
 Quilting was done with my walking foot
because that is all I know how to do. ; )

If you stopped by
I'd love it if you would
say hello down below : )

Hope you are staying cool on this summer day!

happy sewing trails to you!

Swim, Bike, Quilt

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

May- June-JULY OH MY!
Heaven help me I can't keep up!

Where oh where do the days go around here.   Today  is here and it is  the 11th of July no less!!
I am  one to take a lot of pictures of MOMENTS..... hanging on to all the treasures of today because Today is quickly fading into yesterday...   today  needs to slow down  I think .

 I am going to revisit  a few of my yesterdays....    filled with love....  and  soak in all the sweet blessings of being together with those I love, wishing today would last forever.

Remember Emerson  when  our favorite place to eat snack after  pre-school was....

on the front porch,

it is still our favorite place to share the day
with the doggies of course.

Remember when first spied the strawberries starting to come

Oh MY GOODNESS we were giddy with glee
when we could actually PICK THEM!
Opa and I each got one but you lucky girl, got to eat
TWO because you are so sweet
and Special.

 Then every day we picked a  few more hoping it would never end.

It was just a little experiment to plant strawberries last spring
who would have guessed that
would come from a very small strawberries patch
on the side of the house.
I can still hear you saying....

Ice Cream Ice Cream, WE all scream for Ice Cream.
The best thing about
May, June and July
so far has definitely been the ice cream
especially when topped with fresh fruit.
DO you think we will ever get tired of Ice Cream ?

I'm hoping Heaven has ice cream!
So I can eat it forever!

I told you the porch is our favorite place for a snack.

Addilyn Grace  having a day with Nanny.
she is feeling pretty special in her boots!

We have been stopping to smell the flowers.

Our flowering almond bush in the front yard had never looked so pretty

 Today, Remembering that
a SWEET LIFE should always include polk-a-dots.

If there is one thing this Nanny will be remembered for it will be
her love of Tulips ,
so a day in May would not be complete unless you
found someone to


This baby grew up and turned TWO in May.
Addilyn Grace, I am so glad that you thought
 it would be ok to wear this Dutch costume.
The first time we tried you wanted nothing to do with it.
It is nearing nap time, perhaps you are thinking
 being outside is way better than a nap.

I want to remember

A bit of dutch heritage shining through.

 I want to forever remember little feet bare.

Today I am  Remembering

 that CHAIRS on the porch invite you to
sit, cherish , and slow down.

I am remembering that JOY does a body a whole lot of good.

Emerson your smile  is like sunshine.
it makes any day beautiful.

JOY bubbles out of you and on to me.

I love that your eyes are as blue as the sky
and that your spirit is always looking for beauty and adventure.

I LOVE YOU  Little Miss Emerson Iona
who will soon be turing SIX....   really how can that be?
Thank you for all your smiles, hugs and kisses in MAY , JUNE AND JULY!

I'm  thinking if you have quilts... love... little girls ...
Life is Good!
 each day I live.

Remember when you wanted to be this little girl in the statue?

Stepping back in time she must have been five just like you.
You are almost the same size.
The perfect make believe play mate.
The day has suddenly become more fun now that you have found her.

Two little girls one bronze one really alive, 
Perhaps they could be cousins. That is a happy thought.
wondering what her name was???
Bless the little Dutch girl for she lives on.

and Bless the little dutch boys . 
  Alive and well because a smile says so.

On a Bicycle made for two
Oh to be just the right size to climb anywhere and pretend.

One day you said,
"I love the world, because God made it"
So do I sweet one, so do I.

Beauty beholds beauty!

I 'm going to miss this little FIVE  Year old.
who tries to figure out frequently if
her Nanny is young or old. 

Lets just keep saying I'm the young Grandma Okay Sweetie.

 In less than 30 days and you will be SIX!
and ready to start Kindergarten this Fall.
Orange you excited !!

On this day you had Kindergarten round up.
that is why you are all dressed up so pretty.

Remembering just How RICH  I am
 because of these little people
 in my  life.

"we are rich with priceless grandchildren"

With all my heart.

Ok ,  that is enough for now.  I didn't quite get to June, I guess that will have to be another
edition filled with T-Ball, cousin camp and our summer list.   

thanks for listening to me reminisce. 
Now I'm off to my sewing room.... I've got things to show you there too.

say hello down below : )



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