Blessed by everyday blessings

these are a few of my favorite things

~smiling faces~

~hugs and kisses from grandchildren
and hearing the name Nanny from far away places~

~mostly old sometimes new~

~quilts with love stitched through and through

~Babies and butterflys and all things created~

~To know you are loved makes life sweet with grace traces ~


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Taking the old and making it new.

There is nothing like a sweet transformation!

Ok how is it going in your life ?  I know a couple of you were inspired by one of my recent posts to give your home a little love.   Have you been able to do just that.... Take the time to give your home some TLC?   I am still working in my kitchen.

I am reporting that the Kitchen clean up  from this post  http://thegirlfriendgap.blogspot.com/2015/05/spring-farmhouse-style.html is still creating a lot of happy in me.  Since that post now the right side of the counter has a new summertime smile simply by using things I already had and  a little creativity.  

This is a lid from a broken basket
 that had been tossed a few years ago.
Of course.....
The junk master here kept the lid because you 
know it was too good to throw away.

It has been waiting for just the right project. 

I was inspired by a similar little nick-nac on the wall at the 
so I had a little craft time one morning. 

With  small amount of effort the flip side of the lid has been
transformed to this lovely little Ampersand. 

 I drew the shape free hand on paper first.

Cut out the shape.

 Then traced around the shape with a pencil
and used a paint marker to fill it in. 


I am using it to cover this outlet that is not so beautiful.

Now experimenting with what to add to it. 

A little pot of moss?

Courtesy of the north side of my house. 

Maybe a little pot of  Basil?
Part of my Mother's Day gift. 
Which will need some outside sunshine time
 as my kitchen is on the north side of the house
I'm weighing the option here of whether this will work.

Worth a try I think....  It smells delightful.  

Maybe A little Strawberry Rhubarb American Pie ?

For now,  I think I'm going with the basil and the cutie pie.
Once again just using what I have to create some beauty in my home. 

At the moment it is not a designer kitchen. 
I'm not trying to fool anyone here,
but for now it works for me.

Farmhouse Style is easy living. 

I have been such a good girl keeping it clean :) 

All because I took some time to make a pretty space.

Yum yum in the kitchen.  I love that. 

I have also finished piecing my Smokey Mountain Star quilt top. 

Made using some of my husbands old shirts
 along with some thrifted shirts. 

I added 4 extra rows to the pattern so it will be twin size. 

 I just need to figure out some borders. 

Still not absolutely in love with it but it feels good to be this far. 

I think adding some borders will help the love factor  :)  

And lastly I'm sharing my treasure I found at the thrift store last week.

Orange Creamsicle Summertime Star. 
$28  Really !

After a good long soak in the tub it is loved once again. 

It was badly stained  I'm sure that is why it was only $28
.... but most of it has come out : )  

I'm sure my method of cleaning an old quilt was not
the recommended method but 
it is clean enough to use now without being grossed out.

Too bad I don't have a hammock to enjoy it with. 

It might be seeing a little lazy day summer time 
 reading books with the grandchildren. 

Love the home you have.
because it is your dream home.


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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Taking Time for Tulips

Picking these as my favorite this year.

Tulips in the square

Tulips tulips everywhere.

For 32 years of my life

I have lived within 20 miles of a Tulip Festival.

And so you see...

That is the reason....

I am a crazy for tulips girl !

I love this season!

I think I must be a tiny bit Dutch
I love them so much. 

So much beauty for such a short window of time.

Sometimes I visit several times.

In the Garden 

it just makes you take a deep breath and sigh. 

 For a small moment in time...

They create in me a Happy high!

This is the magic of tulips. 

A sea of Tulips...

Simple and Sweet...

Dancing by the street.

Pella,  Iowa in all of it's glory. 

If I missed it I would be sad. 

It is always beautiful every year. 


You do something to me that I can't explain.

I live with tulips in my home....

it seems wherever I roam....

I must be a flower girl deep inside. 

Until we meet again next year...

I love you!!




Tuesday, May 5, 2015


It is not a fancy life here in this old house. There is much that could be done to beautify it to the top of the dream house list. But the reality is, there is not going to be any major  reconstruction going on  any time soon to change the things I don't love about this house.  I depend on creativity as the main ingredient to add some spunk here and there when my house feels so ordinary and so un-beautiful.

I have come across a couple of books recently, and they have helped to....

get my mind
           thinking differently
                   about my home.

One of the books "Love the Home You Have" written by Melissa Michaels

She blogs at http://theinspiredroom.net

 The other book is "The Nesting-Place It Doesn't have to be Perfect to be Beautiful"  written by Myquillyn Smith .   Myquillyn's blog is here  http://www.thenester.com

Creating home is important. 

Creating is important.

For women
Creating Beauty in our home is important.

These gals can be a step in that direction for you. 

Behind every pretty photo here there is always
 another photo of  a "Beautiful: this is really my life " Mess.

REALLY..... how does life get so out of control ??

I have always struggled with keeping on top of the "MESS"

 Life has a way of just taking over. 
I get busy focusing on other things.

That means as I focus on one thing,
 something else 
is growing out of control. 
I don't take the time to put something away.
The next thing I know... 

 I'm screaming HELP!!!  

I think I have figured out that clutter breeds clutter.

Sometimes you just have to say no to the rat race of life 
and give your home the time it needs.

Sickness though not exactly what I want in my life
will. slow. you. down. 

Last week
In little spurts 

while I was sick
I tackled the clutter.
in my kitchen!!!

 The counters are happy again.

Everything has found a home. 
Makes it Much Easier to Recognize Things out of Place.

Do one thing.....

One step leads to the next step.

I didn't spend any money but I have a brand new kitchen!

This is an example of what shopping the house can do for you.

This lamp has always been in a bedroom.
So old... So unloved, 
 I thought I should send it on it's way many times already.

It is not fancy but with the floral plate it becomes loved.
I love that it has found a home on my counter.
The glass base compliments the other glass things on my counter.

It is the first thing I turn on in the morning.
The last thing I turn off at night.

It is really helping me to keep the counter clutter free.

Adding the sentimental factor ....
My Grandma Millie's coffee cup holding my tea bags
A coaster from my daughter's trip to Africa.
Reminding me that God is bigger than our fears. 
Old fashioned Cookie Cutters. 
Making sure I have Time for little things like cookies.

A little silver spoon action anyone ?
I love things that connect me to other generations. 

My home tells a story. 

Where do all the spoons disappear too ????
They are always the first thing lacking in my silverware compartment.
I thought ... some back up spoons would be perfect on my counter.
The silver spoons have been in my garage for YEARS...
family paraphernalia..... I couldn't toss

Cleaned them up 
definately adding  some YUM - YUM on my counter.
The glass spoon holder that I spent way too much for at an auction,
has been hiding in my buffet for years.
Not any more!

And for the record.....
YES I am crazy, but just the unexpected touch my kitchen needed...
The gate back drop ....

 a little free gift from the curb
which my husband has been cursing since the day I bought it home...
because I wasn't quite sure what to do with it,
and it has been hanging around looking like junk 
.....in undesirable places.....
 now finally found a place to be loved.

I would really love new counter tops...
I would really love a new kitchen if you want to know the Real truth.

Instead I have a new little vignette.  
And you know
I don't notice the ugly counters so much, 

because I'm looking at the 
"HAPPY" on my counters.

And that my dears is my take on 
Farmhouse Style,

 loving the home you have ....
 because it is your dream house.

Think outside the box.  Be creative... 

Now it is your turn to make it happen.

Love the home you have !

Do a little something special for your home this week. 

Happy at Home


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