Blessed by everyday blessings

these are a few of my favorite things

~smiling faces~

~hugs and kisses from grandchildren
and hearing the name Nanny from far away places~

~mostly old sometimes new~

~quilts with love stitched through and through

~Babies and butterflys and all things created~

~To know you are loved makes life sweet with grace traces ~


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Simple pleasures of Spring...

Star of Bethlehem

Spending time with Emerson.
She is simply growing up toooo fast.
She thought she might be too old to take pictures with the tulips.
I'm glad she changed her mind.

Still sweet at Seven.

sweet color combinations of tulips

 Collection of Pink and white buttons in an old vinegar bottle.

Flowering Crabapple trees

Color of the year ...Radiant orchid
 in my back yard :)

(Rarely am I in sync with the fashions of the world)

Spring sewing....
Slowly but surely I'm making progress on
my snow themed Blue and White quilt which is a
 Craftsy 2012 BOM detour.
20 blocks has turned into 36.
I have 5 more blocks to make.
That makes me happy.
You can see more of the blocks up close here

Three more blocks to add...
 A modified block from Anne Sutton's
Block #12

Pinwheel YUM!

Need I remind you, I love Tulips!

"Spring Snowflake" block.
from "Quiltmakers 100 blocks" Vol. 1

Remembering it snowed on May 3 last year
it seemed like a perfect fit to my quilt. 

I am stretching myself.....
Learning how to do Needle-Turn Applique.
from a distance it looks fabulous...
up close...
leaves a bit to be desired.

But you've got to start somewhere
 so it is what it is and
 it is going in the quilt.

Blessed by grand children!

Addi Grace and Clayton.

 I will 


Monday, May 19, 2014

Love flowers, Love fabric, Love to sew!

This is an Operation " Move it" Post. This is where I show progress on what it takes to get a sewing project out of the bag and on to the bed. It began here .

Though this is not a quilt it has been in a pile for a while. It all started with this Craftsy class....
 Sewing Texture.

 I am a girl who loves flowers.  I wanted to know how to make fabric flowers.  So I enrolled........ lets just say a few years ago:)

 I got excited...  I got started... Sewed until I got stumped... Decided it wasn't working...  then got unexcited...  then stopped sewing...

 Yesterday I got inspired by a photo on Pinterest...  It got me thinking....

 Soooooooooo I pulled this baby out of the pile and..... 

Today I Finished this!
Love it when some how it all works out!
And because I love flowers
And Fabric just a wee bit...
and I love to sew....
I put it in my sewing room.
 Flowers are made from an old white sheet,
scraps of muslin for the foundation under the flowers,
 a bit of wool under the muslin heart to give the heart some texture.
and Thrifted frame from Goodwill.
Happy JUNK!  
She will be living here for a while
on this cabinet that holds some of my fabric.
I am a girly- girl
I love a finished project!!!
It doesn't take a lot to make this girl happy!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014



My children and grandchildren
 shall remember me by my love of tulips.
they make me happy
but the real ones never last long enough
and so
I decorate with tulips that last forever!
aka.... Fake.
It works for me :)
Celebrating Tulips in Pella, Iowa
Just a hop and a skip away.
Though I am Of German Heritage
(actually a Heinz 57 to be exact)
I am smitten by it all.
I am Thankful to enjoy the fruits of all their labor
as they make this celebration happen year after year.
Prettiest PURPLE tulips I have ever seen.


Bless the sound of wooden shoes.
Dutch Dancing

Le Petite Dutch...
The smaller they are the sweeter they are.
Expect to see lots of
Mammas taking pictures of their little ladies.


Little gentlemen
Washing the street



 I want to take the little Dutch boys home with me.
Working hard.

Men, women and children.
Dutch Heritage
Passed on to every generation

 Adorable little miss

Perfect day for a parade
The Baby Parade is my favorite.
Row and rows of school children
Little boys and little girls holding hands.
I'll be storing that as a
Precious Moment.
I think Tulips by the thousands are planted.

 Their daddy is Dutch.
They say if you're not Dutch, you're not Much.
 They are a proud bunch.....
I just smile .....
I may not be Dutch
 These little Dutch children 
are my grandchildren  :)
As long as they get love
they don't care if I'm German.


Looks like I got me a little Dutch Boy !
Just need an little hat.

WHITE with a touch of Pink

Purple princess
Practicing her smile :)

Almost 6 months old already.
Clayton Paul

My little sunshine .... Addi Grace.
Four years old.
Note to Nanny.....
Orange popsicles maybe not a good idea before pictures.
I think I've had enough....
My Nanny sure does take a lot of pictures!
It is good to be home.
God Bless the tulips!


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