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~quilts with love stitched through and through

~Babies and butterflys and all things created~

~To know you are loved makes life sweet with grace traces ~


Monday, April 7, 2014

Operation "Move It" Monday...

I am going to try something.   It may not be too exciting to you if you are visiting but for me it is going to be thrilling!    Because hopefully I will see a bit more progress on things around here  AND a few more finished projects in my sewing room.

Here's the motivation....
It's Monday Morning.....well actually Monday evening now.
I love the fresh start of Mondays.  I don't feel bogged down with life.

I love to be creative with my sewing machine. But I am feeling bogged down with projects in my sewing room.  I don't love that I have an unmentionable number of sewing projects in bags.  Unfinished.  UGH!

I am not sure who coined the term.... UFO
UFO is (UnFinishedObject) for those who craft/sew;
probably stored in a bag for longer than you care to admit. (At least mine have been).

I think I need a new term. For me the term UFO is intimidating. There is probably a good reason it is unfinished.  If you are brave enough to pull it out of the bag.... very soon you remember why you put it in the bag and why it is unfinished.  There is little incentive to finish it. Either you don't love the fabric any more, it is not turning out how you hoped,  something needs to be ripped out... etc.
It Seems destined to forever be an UnFinished Object.

How about calling it a OLO (Once Loved Object). At least if I don't love it any more I can find someone else who will love it. Goodwill is good for that!  Or how about a FIG (Fabric In Gestation) patiently waiting for it's day of celebration.   Ha- Ha,  now those are terms of Hope!

The term UFO is making me feel really guilty. (remember my unmentionable number of UFOs... it is embarrassing. ) I have good reason to feel guilty but it is not helping me to overcome the problem that happens over and over again.  I get stuck or I loose interest or life takes over, or a new pretty project comes around the corner.  What ever the reason.... I am overcome with bags of UFO's.... and bags of," I want to be a quilt someday" fabric. 

Several times a year it seems I hear of pleas for quilts to give to comfort others.
I want to have quilts ready so that I can give to those in need as the need arises. 

I'm tired of always feeling embarrassed by my old unfinished projects .

I'm tired of bags scraps that would be loved if they were in a quilt.

I'm tired of someday quilts in a bag.

I want to be a better finisher.
Not just with sewing but with life.

I just finished a UFO and it was so satisfying!  Why did it take so long?

I was definitely a HURRAY moment.... but now  the rest of my UFO's are mocking me in their plastic bags..... remember me....  how long ago did you start me???? I bet you will never finish me. 

Every time I think of something I have started and not finished it is like this huge wave of, oh you naughty girl, comes over me.
A project abandoned. It creates a sick feeling in me.  I hate that it is not finished.

I want the joy of more finished projects.  More quilts that I can share with others, more quilts to make my family and home cozy..... My children do not want to inherit fabric!

and sooooooooo.....  Here are the details for Operation "Move it"

Mondays here have now been declared

" Move it" MONDAY!

 On Mondays I'll be working on a bag project.
The plan is to......
Move it out of the bag
 and on to the bed.

The pattern will probably be old but maybe timeless. I am not going to tell you how long ago I started the project,  if you are good at dating fabric you will be able to guess how long the project has been in the bag:). The fabric will probably not woo you and you won't be able to buy it any more. Remember the project is old.  But most important the fabric will be in a quilt, and in the quilt the fabric will then be loved.

The purpose of Operation "Move It" is to move a project forward to the finish line or let someone else love it to the finish line. 
I am saying good-bye to the bag-gage......

Since sewing is a sit down operation there has also become a bit of bag-gage on me.

I have been working on getting healthy, exercising more for over a year...

It is slow going.  Sort of depressing actually, but I need to keep moving. Keep working at it.

 I want the joy of a healthier me, a stronger me,
so in addition I am making a more intentional plan to
Move it physically .... and get MORE exercise.

Breaking it down so I can be accountable ......

1. I am going to work on a project that has been in a bag for a while and see what I can accomplish between loads of laundry from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed each Monday. I might work on it for an hour or throughout the day it just depends on the task. But some progress needs to be made on Monday.

I might be able to show you a few pictures or it might be a list of the things I have gotten done for the day.  I don't expect a lot of jumping up and down on your side of the screen.  Save that for the final finish celebration. :) Progress could be slow at times.

2. I will make a commitment to walk for at least 30 minutes and make use of my YMCA membership and go swim laps and do water aerobics for sure on Mondays. I am thinking if I get off to a good start on Monday the rest of the week will follow suit!

I'm kind of excited  because I know little by little things will get finished.  I'm excited  for all the bags of OLOs and  FIGs who will soon have their day in the sun :). As for me Getting some fresh air and exercise that will do me a whole lot of good!

I can hear my little granddaughters singing.... I like to Move it , Move it!  Just like this.... over and over.  Sorry today you will be singing it too :)

Ha- Ha they bring such joy to my life.

Progress for todays Bag of scraps:  I made a quilt block for a baby quilt with scraps of flannel. Now have 4 blocks in total. It will be a charity quilt someday.

Worked on some applique for my granddaughters quilt.

Prewashed some fabric for another Charity quilt for my quilt guild.

And I went to the Y for swimming and walked outside in the rain with my pink umbrella !   Yea for Spring weather!

And that girlfriends is the first episode of "Move it" Monday! 





Celtic Thistle said...

I like your style Janita, moving projects along sounds so much better :)

pinsandneedles said...

Love your motivation, Janita! Back in 2011, Kelly from Charming Chatter also hated the term UFO so she renamed them MUF - Masterpieces Under Fermentation. You go girl!


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