Blessed by everyday blessings

these are a few of my favorite things

~smiling faces~

~hugs and kisses from grandchildren
and hearing the name Nanny from far away places~

~mostly old sometimes new~

~quilts with love stitched through and through

~Babies and butterflys and all things created~

~To know you are loved makes life sweet with grace traces ~


Monday, April 21, 2014

This is a Pink Post with a Smile.

Reporting in on Operation "Move It" Monday.....  this is where I Post my progress on what it takes to get an old sewing project out of the Bag and on to the Bed.
It all started Here

This  is my FIG in a bag.
Project # 2
FIG= Fabric In Gestation and has been in a bag for longer than I care to admit.
This quilt is for my Granddaughter, Addilyn.
She was so sweet when she saw it on the arm of the chair.
She said, 
"Nanny who is that for?"
I said, " It is for you, but it is not finished yet."
I opened it up and showed her then folded it back up .
Later I was feeding her little brother in another room
and she came in the room
 with the quilt all wrapped around her
with a sweet little proud grin.
 Walking in like the queen.
When I told her she couldn't play with it until it was finished.
She said," Can we finish it today".
I tried to tell her that it couldn't be finished in one day.
But she always came back with a time later in the day.
"Can we finish it after we pick up Emmy"
"Sorry honey it will take more time "
Such a disappointment.
"I will finish it, but not today."
She was totally bummed!
This quilt reflects my love affair with the churn dash block.
It went into the bag because I needed time to think.
I wanted to add some words but I wasn't sure what words.
And so the thinking has come to this.
I have one word on  and working on the second.
I think I will like it........
but not exactly sure right now.
It is the beginning of the doubting stage because I can't see the end.
I am making it up as I go and that is risky.
And soooooo..... today the applique continues
Trying to learn needle turn applique and it is
slow going.  If you like to do needle turn applique I salute you.
I love Pink Yes I do!
Too many girls here to not like pink.
Miss Emerson, my little first grader, and...
The tale of the missing teeth.
She couldn't be prouder!
We have been patiently waiting for this toothless grin.
The tooth fairy has been good to her.
And on the home decorating front...
 Taking this from
To Beautiful :)
Just need a little courage to push the pink button.
If I do it then I probably need to paint the end table white or grey.
And that is another project all for a little bit of pink!
Decisions...... Decisions.....
I can see buds on the flowering almond bush
More pink coming soon!



Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Gotta love pink! Your granddaughter is so lucky to have you and get a beautiful quilt!

~~Kelli said...

Ohhh my my my !!!! I loved your Easter posts. So beautifully and SIMPLY done. I assumed you would just KNOW that I loved them, and no time to post a comment (I know, pathetic) but then THIS one comes in fully of beauty and creativity !!! That little pink heart pillow?? oh, I was gushing when I saw it, and I can't wait to see that basket !!! but what REALLY got my attention was scrolling down to see that BEAUTIFUL "S", surprisingly greenish and the OH SO PERFECT BLANKET STITCHES ON IT !!!!!!! I salute YOU !!!!!!!!!!! you must measure between each and every stitch.....I am amazed !!!


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