Blessed by everyday blessings

these are a few of my favorite things

~smiling faces~

~hugs and kisses from grandchildren
and hearing the name Nanny from far away places~

~mostly old sometimes new~

~quilts with love stitched through and through

~Babies and butterflys and all things created~

~To know you are loved makes life sweet with grace traces ~


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sewing Sewing Sewing....

what ever it might take to get my daughters to catch the sewing bug i'm all for it!

I had almost given up having a daughter that would enjoy sewing  but hope has returned!

Ariann (oldest daughter) needed some help with a "little" project.
The wheels started turning after she saw  thisand this
She wanted to take some 
"un- loved" sweaters  from the good will store
and work some  sweet-love back into them.

So with a combined craftyness of mother and daughter and  day at the sewing machine

here are our new little loves that have now been passed on to create more love.

Three little pillow pals made to be donated to a charity fund raiser

wee little lamb with  floppy felted wool ears and tail
I wanted to keep him.

miss piggy  has a knotted tail and playful ears

Each one we make makes us a bit more giddy !

Alphabet pillow with felt letters and buttons

Emmy received our practice hippo (not pictured  here) and she loved her !
She named her Tulip!  Isn't that sweet .
I wonder where she came up with that!

She felt so lucky that her mommy made something just for her!
And  she gave her a great Big thank you with a Hug!
That ought to keep the sewing bug alive :o)

We didn't get a lot of time to love on those sweet  little treasures before we passed them on
I Miss them!

But we still have a whole basket of sweaters!
 I think that means we will be making some more!
they really were so cute .

Iron on  light  weight  fusible interfacing to back side of sweater
Shorten stitch length and raw edge applique faces on with ears under face
We added ears and tails for little fingers to play with
Cut pattern out of freezer paper and iron on to interfacing side of sweater
Cut a rectangle around pattern with some margin around pattern
Sew around pattern piece using freezer paper as your guide
Remember to leave an opening for turning inside out
Cut  around pattern ONLY after sewing around pattern is complete beause it makes life so much easier!

We went to bed that night with smiles on our faces.
My girls may or may not learn to enjoy sewing but I love it that they are trying to be creative.
It is a blessing .... a reflection of the One who created us!

Do you have a craft buddy?
It is a very good thing to have   :o)

 It felt good to be a blessing to someone in need.
It does the body good to Love One Another!

Sweet dreams!

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