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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tag- A- Long with me.

A SEW sweet finish for a sweet little girl....Addilyn Grace.

Horray for a finished project!   For her 2nd birthday I made her something cause she's a big girl now!

 I made a blanket  using sweatshirt fleece on one side and a single knit on the other side.   I have made several of these blankets.  They are  soft, cozy and perfect for little sweethearts.

Finished once here but I didn't really love it completely,
 so it was back to the unfinished pile. It needed some sparkle.

I loved the pink striped binding...

 One side with
the sweet little zebras was cute as can be.....

but this side just needed something.... I just wasn't in love with it.
I liked her name on the blanket, that was in the original plan,
 but i used a fabric for the letters that didn't
stand out as much as I wanted it to.
They looked cute but too white.
How can pink polka-dots fail me?
When I bought it I thought it would be perfect.

LESSON learned once again....

 viewing fabric from a distance is not the same as viewing fabric close up.
I should have known this would read white not pink

I needed a new plan.
ENTER  a little tutorial at Sew we quilt
for how to make a quilt block  here.

I modified the block and made two separate flowers
a little bit of this
A pieced block
Modern Blossom

and a little bit of this, an appliqued flower
With raw edge applique here.

  Now it is really finished  here and  Addilyn squeeled when she saw it ....." I LIKE IT !" And then she couldn't get enough of it.  That makes a  NANNY's heart glad. I  love the finish .

Signed sealed and delivered!
I'm so happy with how it turned out.
I knew it could be so much cuter.
Hope she loves it to death!


This blanket i am expecting to go everywhere Addilyn goes.....  so the name.... Tag-A-Long.

perfect for in the shade...

perfect for little hands.
she has found the button on the flower.

perfect for hiding in...

perfect for hiding under.

perfect for a cozy corner....

perfect if you want to be a princess
or a queen!

A picture is worth a thousand words.  : )
Can you tell how much she loves it!

Tag - A - Longs
There is not a pattern.
This is my idea.

It is made for kids on the go, especially designed to be used as a car blanket but it will be hard to limit it to the car.  I made one for Emerson when she was one.  It is just the right size to manage for little ones and you don't have to worry ... If it gets dirty.... it washes :  ) Emerson still uses hers 5 years later.
 She is about due for a replacement.  She was sad she was not getting a new blanket. 
Guess I better get working on that : )

There is not batting in the middle of these TAG-A-LONGS  but Addilyn's blanket is quilted to add some design  to the solid grey sweatshirt fabric.  Emerson's  blanket was not quilted to hold it together and it has held up without a problem .

addilyn grace
You are such a treasure.
You are worth every minute of my sewing challenges.

I'm so glad you like love it!

May 2011
You grow sweeter every day
oh how I know...
You will not be little forever.

Happy snuggles!


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