Tulips !

these are a few of my favorite things

~smiling faces~

~hugs and kisses from grandchildren
and hearing the name Nanny from far away places~

~mostly old sometimes new~

~quilts with love stitched through and through

~Babies and butterflys and all things created~

~To know you are loved makes life sweet with grace traces ~


Monday, August 6, 2012


Forever be True to the RED, WHITE and BLUE.

Welcome to my home!

Red White and Blue

 Spirit In my sewing room.

snuggling cozy with the stars

american spirit .....blessing others
this quilt will be donated

 Stars and STRIPES forever true to thee.

Blessed be the Brave who fight for these colors.

peaceful spirit

stitching stars

I finally have some bunting.

RECYCLED American spirit here,
made using some old denim
some old kakai pants
a few old shirts
and some cotton prints.

At home in America.
My flag flys every day.

Why do old buttons create a sweet spirit in me??

Can't live without it spirit........
Make it, Share it and Eat It!

 Strawberry Rhubarb jam we love you!!
Making this is a yearly ritual.

small town spirit
This was Emerson's First year in T-Ball
    and she was cute as can be ....
we were  Impressed by this little American Spirit : )

playing first base
(not playing in the dirt!)
Lets just say that was taking a lot of will power on her part.

the BOLD and Unafraid SPIRIT
You go Girl!!!
This is how she ended the season....
sliding into home plate.

I'll never be an Olympic champion....
but I love my country!

Congratulations to all of the U.S.A.Olympic contenders!
I don't care if you did or didn't get a medal,
if you did we loved watching every moment of it....
if you didn't...you  are still inspiring to me.
Just to get to the Olympics to compete, alone, is amazing.
You have worked very hard
you have made us very proud! 

God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home.

Put a star on it!

wishing you a day filled with blessings

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simplyaltered.com said...

Janita !!!!!! I did not think I could get any more complete admiration for your work.....til you make THIS post. You are KILLING me here!!!!


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