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these are a few of my favorite things

~smiling faces~

~hugs and kisses from grandchildren
and hearing the name Nanny from far away places~

~mostly old sometimes new~

~quilts with love stitched through and through

~Babies and butterflys and all things created~

~To know you are loved makes life sweet with grace traces ~


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

never say never

OR maybe that should be..I  WANTOBE a WINNER


If you just say Just 4  little words  ....
I Wantobe a quilter you could win too

you need
yes i said need, 
 not want, there is a big difference
I repeat .... you need to be a part of the
sisterhood of quilters girlfriend!
Why ... because it not about perfect,
 it is about making something that you can share,
it is about the inside of you coming outside ....
you were made to create !

You say you are not creative..... that is a lie 
you just have to take one step..... give it a chance

Quilting may be a little addictive
(just a small tid bit of info you might want to know before hand )
but so is smoking and a lot of other things...
 and this is way better for your health  :)

so... are you thinking about it?
need a little more info...

It is in your heart to be a quilter but you haven't started yet....
you don't know where to start
as my daughter would say......ja-nita tool???
  ( ha-ha yes she thinks it's funny)
because this is where you can win
some of  the tools to get you started.

we are looking for more gals to share the love of quilting with.

I'm telling you you are MISSING OUT if you don't go check it out!

really you don't have anything to loose  except a few dollars for postage if you win,
 I talked with Madame Samm today :)  because I won! 
  and if you win  it will be so worth the postage.

In my opinion you have so much more to gain.
there are things to learn there.

There is a Wantobe a Quilter Campaign going on over here

In the very beginning it was this

Want to see what some of the loot you could win???

SERIOUSLY.... the best of the best.  
 And there is more where that came from!! LOTS MORE!
they are even giving away
 4 sewing machines  for goodness sake

don't walk,  run as fast as you can...

NO wait... I want to know you wantobe a quilter cause we are in this together.
send me your name and e-mail and follow me here 
I can help you learn to quilt too if you have any questions later.

If   you are a wantobe quilter
you will need to pick a blog sponsor ,someone like me,
when you post a comment  over there  in order to win prizes. 
please tell madame samm
you are connected to 
  the girlfriend gap

If you win I also win a little something. 
 a sweet deal for 2 sweet sewing sisters!

OK NOW ................

there is so much goodness there you will want to go live with madame samm

but since that might not be possible
 because her house is bursting at the seams with prizes,
  do the next best thing  be a follower of her blog

ONE Last thing   for you wantobe quilters 
 this great giveaway goes on until OCTOBER 29  !!
plenty of time to win yet.

sing a little  song on your way over to http://sewwequilt.com/ 
  like "somebody loves me"
because madame samm is crazy about you!
 She wouldn't do this if she weren't.

Bless your heart madame samm..... it was such a pleasure to talk to you today.

SO  .....what do you say wantobe quilters....
  want be SEW blessed

MONDAYS and WEDNESDAY leave a  comment on the post at SEW WE QUILT
make sure you are NOT a no-reply blogger, madame samm will tell you what to do on her side bar

Prizes for Quilters who already have tools, post comment on TUESDAY AND THURSDAYS

AND  TOMORROW IT could be YOU girlfriend!
thank you madame samm,
Espirit fabrics and Beam n Read for this great gift!

see you at madame samm's!
where it's all sew sweet girlfriend!

double love you!!



Katherine said...

Congratulations, Juanita! Enjoy your lovely prizes.

Isn't it amazing what Madame Samm is giving away? I was a winner last week and I'm still walking on air. ;o)

Let's spread the word - this is too much fun to miss out on.

Karen said...

Congratulations, Janita. I am so thrilled that you have won the give away on my guest post at Sew We Quilt. I thought the fabric was gorgeous and the light will be very useful. I hope you have fun with your prizes.
Enjoy your quilting!!!


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