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Sunday, January 1, 2012

sew finished 2011

how quickly time flys when you are having fun!  I find it really impossible to believe that January 1, 2012 is today.   I spent a part of today reflecting on the past year.  As with every year I found...

 Some things to celebrate,
 some things to say I'm sorry for and start a new,
 places where I have gotten off  and need to get back on,
 somethings to strive for, to live more deeply the life of faith,
 and if at all possible be more with the days gifted to me.

SEW for starters....

I'm celebrating all my sew finishes for 2011!!
this is a story of  HOW....WHY.... I DON'T KNOW.....

 I would be extreeeemely guilty of  starting things and loosing steam to finishing the project.    I had one project that we'll just say I started more than 6 years ago and  even though my family joking says it will be a geat heirloom for the recipiant; HA HA they say his wife will love it because it took so long to finish , I smile because if he doesn't use it, yes she will love it :) cause girls are sentimental like that and it will keep . ( I started this project when he was a baby and now he is 8! yes this is true, please don't gasp ....repeat the above words  HOW... WHY...  I don't know... sometimes life just takes over ) but I just smile and say , I LOVE that it is now sew FINISHED!!  I will not let them burst my bubble!  I love to just touch the FINISHED  YUM  YUM!!   REALLY what is not to love about a quilt that is finished!  I't is 60" square........ still very much cuddle material :) .   there is love in every stitch, somebody will love it ......even if it is his mom!     I still have to deliver it so I can just show you a few peeks.

                                                     block name.... road to Illinois
cottons and flannels used in quilt top ....machine quilted by myself

back of the quilt

 I think what helped me to finally finish this quilt was a small step of organization in my sewing room.  I made a list of quilts I started and needed to finish  in the beginning of my 2011 calendar/ planner.  As I finish one project I had to pick another project from the list.   AND  once I picked a project I made myself  finish it before I could start another NEW more fun project.   Yes I hate that, but I am learning to live with it.   I also purchased a set of 3 big plastic storage drawers and each drawer contains one project. so the projects are out of the plastic bags and it is so much easier to just pull the drawer out and work on it.   Yes I have more than 3 unfinished projects but it keeps it on a scale that I can work with.

So I had 6 projects on my list...... and  I finished 3 ... I started and new project not on that list and finished it all in the same year...... My husband said...." WOW!  how did you finish that quilt so quickly?  "   I'm even amazed my self. 

I pieced a top for my littlest granddaughter..... it still needs to be quilted.

I designed 10 embroidery blocks, then stitched and pieced with another lady a quilt for our church's 100 year anniversary in May  2012.  this was not on my list.

                                                               we used 30's fabrics.
                                           here is a sample of some of the embroidery done by hand

quilt pieced here but the piano key border needs to be added yet.
The quilt has been finished but I need a sunny day and someone to help me hold it to get a better picture.
the quilt is a very large queen-king size

and one last finished quilt to celebrate is a Christmas wall hanging I gave to my daughters for Christmas.

It is an old pattern  called "the Perfect Tree" designed by Sandy Gervais
I added the words at the top of the quilt
and moved the stars and hearts that were originally there
 to other places on the quilt.  I love how it all turned out.

we are of German heritage and I remember singing the song "Oh Christmas Tree" at school Christmas concerts as a child even with verses in German.   

hand quilted

blanket stitch applique and embroidery

I started a new project in January of 2011   Jan Patek's pattern " Country Paths."
Progress report........... still not finished
but  I 'm putting it in one of the drawers that these projects came out of :)

I think I have turned over a new leaf for a new year ....
I've finished more projects than i ever have in one year! 
I sew and it doesn't really matter if I'm fast or slow,
in the end it is all just the best  way I know how to bless others.
SEW i'm going to SEW  till my little heart is content.
I look forward to my finishes of 2012!

may all of your days of 2012 be sew happy!
leave me a comment below and introduce yourself if you have stopped by.
I'd love to stop by your blog and visit you.


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♥Duff said...

I love the quotes--your handwork is highly impressive!!
You really take some beautiful pictures--keep 'em coming!


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