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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

THANK YOU MODA for the challenge!

Because I've never entered a sewing competition before please be gentle. I don't have a clue as to what exactly the judges are looking for but no matter if I win or if I am instantly Sliced, I already feel like a winner!  To decide to take part in this challenge has really been a  good thing for me.  Any one who can design something, make it and finish it in less than a week is already a winner in my book.  And I did that!  So WHOO- HOO for me!

The challenge set by MODA  in the SLICED competition was to create an accessory for your office or studio. 
 Read more about it here:

You must include these 3 things in your accessory.
1 type of precut---check
a buckle---check
and batting.----check

here is my precut fabric.
I chose to use ONE  5 inch square charm pack.
and I used all but one square in the pack.

Here is the buckle I used. I think you can probably still buy them
mine happens to be vintage, at least 29 years old.
It is from an infant seat used with one of my girls.
It is a type of gripper buckle. it has little teeth on the edges.

The buckle

 attached to the fabric bar can be used as an indicator. 
It  is able to slide along the bar between the arrows.
As a quilter when you press your seams
you press each seam either to the left or right
or up or down.
Each row is different so that each seam nests together.
When you start connecting your blocks and rows they fit better
if you have alternated the direction of your pressed seams.

For batting I  used one layer of
 Pellon thermolan Plus
heavy needled fleece
100 % polyester
sandwiched between

two layers of Pellon natural Plus batting
without scrim 80% cotton 20% polyester

And now for the reveal of my entry for the competition....
 Drum Roll Please
I'm really thrilled to present to you
 MY very own,  designed by me...
hot off the press,
" Pick me up Pressing Pad"
It goes anywhere you need it to go.
No hassel.
lots of rewards!
it makes me me smile just carrying it around.

size is 301/2 X26 1/2

with matching pin cushion

I can never remember which way my last seam was pressed,
and I would always have to recheck my last block before
I pressed.
It's not a problem any more. Just slide the buckle left or right.
(this pic is still in progress to the finish)

this is the back of the pressing pad
the color is not coming through very well
backing is Bella Solid light blue.

appliqued squares on back of pad

all tied up ready to travel

reversible use either side for pressing

blanket stitch
Heat and bond lite used for each letter

pressing pad is tied with DMC Pearle Cotton,
giving it extra charm.

Another view of the sliding buckle.
Recycled denim used for sliding bar between arrows

this square is attached with a running stitch using DMC Floss
to the top after it is pieced

all rolled up back side outside.

Other Moda fabrics used to complement my design
Red polk-a-dot: Hometown by Sweetwater
Bella solids light blue used for back of pressing pad
Dark blue: Quilts of Valor Minick and Simpson
used for border and binding.

vintage button used on star for pin cushion

This has all been just a dream. 
I started this project on Friday and finished it today.
Now I guess tomorrow will be back to reality.
Could someone please come and clean my sewing room :)
can't create with out a mess now can we?
thanks for letting me rave.

As soon as I finish this post I will be submitting photos to Moda as a participant in this Sliced  competition.  My heart is beating wildly!

happy trails


Anonymous said...

oh mygoodness!! you are killing me here!! in my opinion, you win!!! Hands down!!!!!! love love LOVE it. I am with you.....it just makes me wanna SMILE!!!

Quiltstory said...

Your project is GENIUS and ADORABLE!!! Seriously!! I especially love the backing with the diamonds and iron...way too cute!!!! Good work!!!!!

Jennifer D said...

In my personal opinion, your creation here is far more practical and useful then some of those that won. This looks fabulous!

Sharon said...

Janita your "slice" is wonderful..and so creative. You have my vote...

Karen said...

Fantastic idea & so beautifully put together!! Well done :)


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