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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 JANUARY COMFORT- GOD and the Gift of His Word

I have been working on my word FAITHFULNESS  In 2013

Specifically faithfulness in reading my Bible every day  and putting God's word in my heart by memorizing it.  Reading the Bible, Memorizing the Words of the Bible and Living the Words of the Bible changes me.

I am not really good on Change.... some days are better than others but for the most part Change is HARD!  I live a pretty good life... really what needs changing??  Can't we keep life nice and comfy and just go with the flow? Stay right where we are??

 CHANGE...  MOST DAYS I just don't like it unless of course it involves changing someone elses behavior.  But me, please don't say I need to change.

 I read my Bible, sometimes I just don't understand how I am suppose to do what God is asking me to do or even what am I suppose to do....

I am beginning to understand that taking time to THINK about is the first step.

The second step... When you say to God... "God I don't get this, Help me to understand this." , write down what ever he reveals to you because the process of it all is not usually one grand day of understanding but step by step,
     day by day FAITHFULNESS to God.

God loves me more than anyone else ever will and he wants me to be all that i can be .  I know that in this world I am easily persuaded to take the path of least resistance and not all paths are good.    It is a daily fight... You and me God against the world.  I need to be present in the me part of the relationship knowing that He will help me. 

When I think about ONE VERSE in my Bible for a long period of time by memorizing it..... It makes me ask myself, ok what does that really mean.     I have memorized Romans 12:1-2!  Check it out here. I am  MOTIVATED by Beth Moore to memorize 24 scripture verses this year.   YOU can join the siesta-scripture-memory-team HERE    Memorizing was the EASY part..... Living it is going to be the HARD part. In the very first verse of my own choosing because I am using this book Growing by heart by Scharlotte Rich to change me... it says," Offer MY BODY AS A LIVING SACRIFICE....."   HOW DO I DO THAT???

I headed to Matthew Henry's commentary.... here I found things to think about today.
We receive from the Lord every day the fruits of his mercy.  Let us render ourselves:

All we ARE,  All we HAVE, All we CAN DO, and after all , what return is it for such very rich receivings?     Being Thankful - the first step to giving God more of me.  

Thank you Lord
for the fruits of your mercy...
 you chose to save me

Thank you Lord
for the fruits of your mercy...
 you are a forgiving God

Thank you Lord
for the fruits of your mercy...
 your love blesses me today, tomorrow and forever

So richly blessed by the mercy of God.....
Surely  Today I can pass that on to someone in this world who needs some of God's comfort today. 
 offer your body... Yes Lord you may use my life to pass the baton of your mercy...
 as a living sacrifice, i may not think i have time but it will be  holy and pleasing to you.

I'm sorry I have said NO to the everyday process of  Change for so long, I have said No to Taking time out of my day to read your Word, busy by things of this world .... I'm sorry for fighting the process that what you want in me is to be more like you and a sharper tool in your hand. The whole process of renewing my mind by reading my Bible daily ... something that has great blessing... Why have I said NO so often?

 Reading my Bible, is the road that helps me to die to

 s-I-n... everything that is about me and not about you.  Note the Capital  I.

Being a Mary (sitting at the Lord's feet, allowing him to teach me) in a Martha( busy) world.

Help  me Lord to be renewed so that I may live to righteousness more and more  in 2013.  AMEN

Today I learned that the great enemy to this renewal is .... conformity to this world.
I should have guessed that already.  I am a slow learner.

Happy Wednesday!

I think it is going to be an awesome day with God in it!



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